‘One’s inspiration in writing this book was the

sheer dedication, perseverance, courage

NHS staff have shown since the Coronavirus

outbreak, has been truly remarkable and heart felt.’

The NHS Staff have gone above and beyond their duties, in some cases performing them without the necessary vital equipment (PPE) and machinery (including ventilators), which has touched one’s soul.

All the sale profits of the book will make a real difference to the NHS staff, the patient’s and their respective families.

The profits will go towards providing additional facilities, improved environment, additional equipment that will make a real difference to patient care (not provided by the NHS) i.e. comfort packs for staff, electronic tablets to enable patients to communicate with their loved ones.

“It is a new modern approach, not only combining East and West, North and South (all 4 directions) but coming from all directions

(360 – degrees). New wave of thinking, CreAtivity (Create Activity in the Mind), thought provoking,

sometimes dipping and delving into the Fourth Dimension (Turiya Avastha). A new innovative approach. for the Present time.”